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You dream it, we build it

Interactivity, water fountains, motors & servos.  You dream it up, and we can help make it happen. We are experts in the design and build of light show software and electronics.  We have tens of thousands of products in use all over the world, and would love to help you too!

If you need a custom solution for your business or installation, contact us, and we can discuss what Experience Lights can do to help.

Some past clients we've developed custom solutions for include: the Christmas Kings, San Jose's Christmas in the Park, Mattos Designs, the City of Escondido, Pixel Pro Displays, Botanica Community Gardens, Tanganyika Wildlife Park, San Diego Safari Park, The Broken Token, California Center for the Arts, Wizard of Wire, Insomniac, Christmas in Color and Boscoyo Studios.

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